To become an inventor all you need is an idea - we will do the rest! However you're very welcome to participate in all stages of your invention - Conceptual Design, Market Research, CAD 3D drawing, Prototyping, Branding and even Manufacturing. On top of that we can help you to Diffuse your new product to wholesalers and retailers.


There can be two type of product ideas - INNOVATIVE which improves any existing product and RADICAL when any similar products doesn't exist.


In this first stage we help you refine the concept, looking into the form and aesthetics along with functionality and features.


Taking into consideration all the received information we will create as many sketches until you'll be happy to proceed with it further.

CAD - 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design

From the sketch we create CAD of your product which basically shows you how your idea looks in real life. Here we can add materials and properties and virtually test the product. After CAD of the product is done we can see exactly how much material is needed and exact manufacturing cost.


When product is designed, we will make a prototype of your product. For design products usually it is done by using our 3D printer. 3D printing is slow process and may take one to several days depending of your product size. When prototype is ready you can test your product in real life! If something is not ideal we will mend the CAD design and 3D print prototype again.


First, brand name can be included in the product already in sketch and CAD design stage. Packaging is as important as your brand name on product itself. We can desing and provide attractive product packaging as well.


When you are 100% satisfied with the prototype, agreed with quantities, manufacturing process can be started. Depending of your product manufacturing process and time may vary. For manufactured process quality is much higher than that what you can get with a 3D printer. Before starting full quantity manufacturing, you can receive first manufactured sample. If everything is fine, process can go forward and you can expect your 'ready for sale' products soon!