This unique Universal lens adapter allows to mount almost any lens on your camera. Focal distance can be adjusted by screwing the lens mount side part either to inside or outside. It holds any lens with mound diamerer up to 48mm with screws from 4 sides. These screws works as a clamp system and holds lens in place. These screws do not damage lens mount.


  • There are 3 camera mount versions: Micro Four Thirds, Samsung NX and Sony E-mount
  • Suitable for lenses with mount diamerer up to 48mm such as: M39, M42, Contax/Yashica (C/Y), Canon FL/FD, Minolta MD, Konica AR, Nikon F (Nikkor), Olympus OM, Pentax K, Practica B, Exakta EXA, Leica R mount lenses
  • Infinity Focus : Yes (User have to set flange focal distance himself)
  • When flange focal distance is set, it can be secured with a screw
  • Autofocus or any other automatic features are not available; Must be used in Manual (M) or AV mode
  • Adapter thickness range, approx.: between 15.5mm - 21.5mm
  • Fine black matte finishing and with threaded inside to reduce blinks and for proper exposure


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