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Who We Are

UK camera lens manufacturer

First in the World - Rambex Universal Camera Lens - are conceived, designed and developed in the South-West Englad, United Kingdom. We've been in photo industry for more than 15 years, and previously we've been creating camera lens mount, telescope and filter adaptors.

This is our first lens *Rambex 105mm f/8 Universal Camera Lens v1.0 (with standard KIT lens elements), 2016* which is unique to the World.

With your support we can grow and estabilish camera lens manufacturing industry which would benifit everyone of us.

Why I Need It

Advantages of the Universal Lens

  • Fits to any camera/camcorder. Very durable and lightweight. Very affordable and perfect for travel
  • Use as it is or modify/change lens elements *DIY lens*! Lens elements are widely available from B+W, Hoya and others
  • Diaphragm shape can be changed and special effect filters can be placed inside the lens
  • Fast and easy manual focus *slide* and built-in lens hood
  • Rambex Universal & DIY Lens are very simple made and is perfect tool to learn photography basics

Latest News

Rear lens element positioning

  • How to install an aperture ring

    • It's for sale now!

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